Woolwich Square @ CHORA


The overarching vision is to connect the separate and fragmented parts of the site into a coherent spatial composition with the potential to extend outside the site boundaries towards the Arsenal and River Thames beyond. As such the project becomes part of a wider regeneration strategy and pedestrian network of interlinked public open space. The strong conceptual approach is based on a unique collaboration and full integration of art, architecture and landscape architecture represented in a dynamic field of spheres which reflects upon the site’s historical heritage as well activates a sense of community and addresses important aspirations regarding carbon neutralfootprint and sustainability. The scheme is embedded in its locality but it projects and embraces global aspirations.

woolwich square

woolwich square


The spheres create a civic narrative out of the presence of the Arsenal. They guide pedestrians from the Thames through the various public spaces or from the stations to the Thames. They nudge, tease, appear to roll themselves and are functional. They create a strong identity, one you cannot forget but at the same time is deeply rooted in history. However full the square is they will be there for guidance and continuity. At key points they offer help or space.

Woolwich square


Berardo Matalucci

Collaboration with CHORA

Partners: Buro Happold, Gross Max Landscape and ZEF sustainability Consultant Engineers

Type: Invited tender 2007

Location: LONDON, UK

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