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Intensive Agricultural Incubator

project for Kolkata slums

Calcutta, India

According to U.N. surveys, inhabitants of Kolkata’s slums perceive the lack of infrastructural facilities as condition to escape from their poverty. Nonetheless they have developed a very sophisticated social network based on mutual help, community exchanges, education and spaces’ negotiation.

The project aims to build up an operative infrastructure that acts directly at lower scale, capable of adapting to several conditions, evolving and proliferating. An incubator of activity that will stimulate the social cooperation within slum’s communities. A micro-infrastucture organization generates intense agricultural procedures (the inhabitants of the slums left the field to move in the city for better conditions) as an economical set-up.

The main basic component is a recycled pipe, constitued by two sub-units: an artificial and a biological part. Such component operates as a machine, engaging different programs as water phytodepuration, water filtering, vegetal cropping, rice and wheat farming, and organic waste treatment. Clusters of components organize ecological cycles, calibrated on the necessities of singles, families and sub-collectives.

This organization is an open social interaction: mutual exchanges or program interfecences catalyze multiple scenarios of evolution. Each macro unit becames a sensible organism that triggers sustainable processes, promotes slum’s identity and operates within principles of self-organization.

Kolkata Incubator Concept
kolkata incubator concept


Concept Design at IaaC

Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalunya

Master of Advanced Architecture 2006-7

project of Berardo Matalucci

tutor: Jorge Godoy Roman, Izaskun Chinchilla