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Re/current Stream // Sukkah City

Sukkah City competition is a unique challenge, not only for its particular set of guidelines, but because of the sensibility, frailness and delicacy of such an object in the context of a contemporary city like New York. Re/current stream must refer to a temporality and lightness in which materiality emphasizes things rather than explicitly portraying them.

Sukkah City Design CompetitionSukkah City Design Competition

The project is made out of two and half walls, that become a permeable surface marking a transition, but never completely isolating the interior from the rest of its context, since its also this condition the one enhancing the idea of transition, confronting and internal temporary condition with an external journey.

Walls are made out of vertical wooden ribs (pointing upwards to the sky). In the base, these get denser to incorporate part of the program. In plan the project has a triangular shape, that allows the vertical ribs to be oriented into different angles, which modifies the views in and out of the Sukkah. The rib structure is reinforced with tubes running horizontally across the ribs and filled with luminescent fluid. The roof structure is made out of wooden leaves and covered with reed.

Re/current stream should be coherent, so instead of constructing in a traditional sense, we plan to print all the pieces, from files into the material with the aid of digital tools. These pieces will be cut and transported to Union Square where they’ll be assembled, making this process (and that of disassembly) faster and safer.

Sukkah City Design Competition

Sukkah City Design Competition

Sukkah City Design Competition

Sukkah City Design Competition


Competition, 2010

Union Square, New York, NY

Design Team:
Berardo Matalucci, Guillermo Ivan Lopéz Dominguez